STLL, JOY DIVISION (October 1981)

Still contains previously unreleased studio material and live songs from the bands last gig in Birmingham. Click here for more info on the tracks.
Don't let yourself miss out on this album.

  1. Exercise One
  2. Ice Age
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. Glass
  5. The Only Mistake
  6. Walked in Line
  7. The Kill
  8. Something Must Break
  9. Dead Souls
  10. Sister Ray (live)
  11. Ceremony (live)
  12. Shadowplay (live)
  13. Means to an End (live)
  14. Passover (live)
  15. New Dawn Fades (live)
  16. Transmission (live)
  17. Disorder (live)
  18. Isolation (live)
  19. Decades (live)
  20. Digital (live)

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