This album comes in a time of divergence within the band, that's probably why they made such a musically rich album. This one is a true great!
One of my favourites because this band is really one of the best ever.

CD 1
  1. Custard Pie
  2. The Rover
  3. In My Time of Dying
  4. Houses of the Holy
  5. Trampled Under Foot
  6. Kashmir

CD 2
  1. In the Light
  2. Bron-Yr-Aur
  3. Down by the Seaside
  4. Ten Years Gone
  5. Night Flight
  6. The Wanton Song
  7. Boogie With Stu
  8. Black Country Woman
  9. Sick Again


    THE DOORS, THE DOORS (January 1967)

    The Doors final line up was formed in mid 1965 after Ray Manzarek's two brothers left and Robby Krieger joined. Although composition credit went to the band as a whole, the album's primary writers were Morrison and Krieger. The songs "Break on Through (To the Other Side)" and "The End" were both released censored on the album. During "Break on Through" the part where Jim Morrison sings "She gets, she gets" was originally recorded as "She gets high."
    Brilliant debut in my opinion!

    1. Break on Through (to the other side)
    2. Soul Kitchen
    3. The Crystal Ship
    4. Twentieth Century Fox
    5. Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
    6. Back Door Man
    7. I Looked at You
    8. End of the Night
    9. Take it as it Comes
    10. The End


    IN GOD WE TRUST, INC., DEAD KENNEDYS (December 1981)

    This EP is a call to truth and justice which don't exist.
    Everyone in the world should read these lyrics to learn something for themselves.
    I totally recommend this one to everyone and I dedicate it to humanity.

    1. Religious Vomit
    2. Moral Majority
    3. Hyperactive Child
    4. Kepone Factory
    5. Dog Bite
    6. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
    7. We've Got a Bigger Problem Now
    8. Rawhide



    Asked about the title, frontman Dexter Holland claimed that Ixnay on the Hombre means either "fuck authority" or "fuck The Man".
    My favourite from this band! 

    1. Disclaimer
    2. The Meaning of Life
    3. Mota
    4. Me & My Old Lady
    5. Cool to Hate
    6. Leave it Behind
    7. Gone Away
    8. I Choose
    9. Intermission
    10. All I Want
    11. Way Down the Line
    12. Don't Pick it Up
    13. Amazed
    14. Change the World


      SMASH, THE OFFSPRING (April 1994)

      Although Smash has a dark, punk rock sound, the album is heavily influenced by the emerging pop punk scene. Probably the most renowned album but not my favourite, I will post that next. I remember these songs from when I was just a little boy.

      1. Time to Relax
      2. Nitro (Youth Energy)
      3. Bad Habit
      4. Gotta Get Away
      5. Genocide
      6. Something to Believe In
      7. Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
      8. Self Esteem
      9. It'll Be a Long Time
      10. Killboy Powerhead
      11. What Happened to You?
      12. So Alone
      13. Not the One
      14. Smash 


        IGNITION, THE OFFSPRING (October 1992)

        Released during the alternative rock and grunge-era, the album brought the band small success in Southern California as The Offspring started to gather a following.
        Old-school punk rock, I still listen to this album ocasionally.

        1. Session
        2. We Are One
        3. Kick Him When He's Down
        4. Take It Like a Man
        5. Get It Right
        6. Dirty Magic
        7. Hypodermic
        8. Burn It Up
        9. No Hero
        10. L.A.P.D.
        11. Nothing from Something
        12. Forever and a Day


            TRAINSPOTTING (soundtrack 1996)

            Trainspotting is a 1996 British drama film directed by Danny Boyle based on the novel of the same name by Irvine Welsh. The movie follows a group of heroin addicts in a late 1980s economically depressed area of Edinburgh and their passage through life.

            1. Lust for Life (Iggy Pop)
            2. Deep Blue Day (Brian Eno)
            3. Trainspotting (Primal Scream)
            4. Atomic (Sleeper)
            5. Temptation (New Order)
            6. Nightclubbing (Iggy Pop)
            7. Sing (Blur)
            8. Perfect Day (Lou Reed)
            9. Mile End (Pulp)
            10. For What You Dream of (Bedrock feat. KYO)
            11. 2:1 (Elastica)
            12. A Final Hit (Leftfield)
            13. Born Slippy .NUXX (Underworld)
            14. Closet Romantic (Damon Albarn)


            OCTAHEDRON, THE MARS VOLTA (June 2009)

            Regarding the release, vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala states that the band "wanted to make the opposite of all the records we've done. All along we've threatened people that we'd make a pop record, and now we have."
            I really like the way it sounds although many people have told me they don't like it.

            1. Since We've Been Wrong
            2. Teflon
            3. Halo of Nembutals
            4. With Twilight as My Guide
            5. Cotopaxi
            6. Desperate Graves
            7. Copernicus
            8. Luciforms


            COMBAT ROCK, THE CLASH (May 1982)

            It was the last album to feature original member Mick Jones, who was fired from the band, and drummer Topper Headon, who was kicked out for his heroin addiction.
            Although the album includes different styles of music, it is considerably less experimental than their previous album Sandinista!.

            1. Know Your Rights
            2. Car Jamming
            3. Should I Stay or Should I Go
            4. Rock the Casbah
            5. Red Angel Dragnet
            6. Straight to Hell
            7. Overpowered by Funk
            8. Atom Tan
            9. Sean Flynn
            10. Ghetto Defendant
            11. Inoculated City
            12. Death is a Star


            FRANKENCHRIST, DEAD KENNEDYS (October 1985)

            The album was a subject of controversy because of a poster inserted in the original record sleeve. The poster, H. R. Giger's Landscape #XX, or Penis Landscape, was a painting depicting rows of penises and vulvas. The band was brought to trial for distributing harmful matter to minors, and though the case did not result in a conviction, Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles was driven almost to bankruptcy.
            The album is an example of the progressive, psychedelic side of the Kennedys' musical personality. The spaghetti western soundtrack influence is also noticeable in the horn parts and in East Bay Ray's atmospheric guitar work. Frankenchrist is noted for its relative lack of traditionally 'hardcore' material. Most of the songs are slower and longer than the majority of other Dead Kennedys songs. "M.T.V. − Get off the Air" is notable for its pointed slam of the music establishment and "Stars and Stripes of Corruption" for its exegesis of Biafra's political philosophies.

            1. Soup is Good Food
            2. Hellnation
            3. This Could Be Anywhere (This Could Be Everywhere)
            4. A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch
            5. Chicken Farm
            6. Jock-O-Rama (Invasion of the Beef Patrol)
            7. Goons of Hazzard
            8. M.T.V. - Get Off the Air
            9. At My Job
            10. Stars and Stripes of Corruption



              Second album from Dead Kennedys. Musically, many different elements bubble to the surface on Plastic Surgery Disasters, including surf-rock, oddly psychedelic guitar textures, and traditional film music.
              Enjoy the lyrics and the music!

              1. Government Flu
              2. Terminal Preppie
              3. Trust Your Mechanic
              4. Well Paid Scientist
              5. Buzzbomb
              6. Forest Fire
              7. Halloween
              8. Winnebago Warrior
              9. Riot
              10. Bleed for Me
              11. I Am the Owl
              12. Dead End
              13. Moon Over Marin


              RAW POWER, IGGY AND THE STOOGES (May 1973)

              Great rock'n'roll album, I don't get tired of it.
              Raw Power wasn't accepted at the beggining but it soon became a legacy.

              1. Search and Destroy
              2. Gimme Danger
              3. Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
              4. Penetration
              5. Raw Power
              6. I Need Somebody
              7. Shake Appeal
              8. Death Trip


              VELVET GOLDMINE (November 1998)

              1. Brian Eno: "Needle In The Camel's Eye"
              2. Shudder To Think: "Hot One"
              3. Placebo: "20th Century Boy"
              4. Venus in Furs (vocals by Thom Yorke): "2HB"
              5. Wylde Ratttz (vocals by Ewan McGregor): "T.V. Eye"
              6. Shudder To Think: "Ballad of Maxwell Demon"
              7. Grant Lee Buffalo: "The Whole Shebang"
              8. Venus in Furs (vocals by Thom Yorke): "Ladytron"
              9. Pulp: "We Are The Boys"
              10. Roxy Music: "Virginia Plain"
              11. Teenage Fanclub & Donna Matthews: "Personality Crisis"
              12. Lou Reed: "Satellite Of Love"
              13. T. Rex: "Diamond Meadows"
              14. Paul Kimble & Andy Mackay: "Bitter's End"
              15. Venus in Furs (vocals by Jonathan Rhys Meyers): "Baby's On Fire"
              16. Venus in Furs (vocals by Thom Yorke): "Bitter-Sweet"
              17. Carter Burwell: "Velvet Spacetime"
              18. Venus in Furs (vocals by Jonathan Rhys Meyers): "Tumbling Down"
              19. Steve Harley: "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)"


              DEADWING, PORCUPINE TREE (March 2005)

              The album includes collaborations with King Crimson's Adrian Belew, who plays guitar solos on the title track "Deadwing" and "Halo", and Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt, who adds vocal harmonies on "Deadwing, "Lazarus", and "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here". He also plays the second guitar solo on "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here".

              1. Deadwing
              2. Shallow
              3. Lazarus
              4. Halo
              5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
              6. Mellotron Scratch
              7. Open Car
              8. The Start of Something Beautiful
              9. Glass Arm Shattering

               #5 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here